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”You have definitely picked the right career”
-The Bride


We are in the business of bringing people joy.
That´s really the sole purpose of a party band. 

Booking a party band, however, is a tricky business, almost like a musical blind date. 
Everybody and their brother has heard stories about some drunk, untidy group of musicians playing boring music too loud in a dark corner. 
To ease your stress of planning a party, we can guarantee you these 5 things: 

  • Well behaved and sharply dressed gentlemen, who take pride in making your party a night to remember

  • A finely tuned band, that can mix songs together on the fly, avoiding those akward silent moments on the dancefloor

  • Repertuar of hundreds of uplifting songs in English and Finnish, and a sixth sense of knowing just when to play them

  • Top-of-the-line sound system for a warm and clean full-range sound, that projects the feel of music smoothly without the need of cranking up

  • Comprehensive set of lightning equipment ranging from refined mood lightning to a full on disco fever that lures everybody onto the dance floor. Nobody wants to party under fluorescent lights, so we bring the whole discoteque with us, mirror balls and everything!

In addition to party gigs, The Slipovers specializes in entertaining Live Music Quizzes, where we play musical examples and asks trivia questions concerning them. 
For example, after playing a James Bond theme song we would ask which actor played Bond in that particular film etc.

Ask us also about organizing events, theme parties and DJ-sets. 



”You have definitely picked the right career”
-The Bride

“On behalf of all my team I want to thank you for a truly fantastic evening! People really enjoyed your performance – you could see it. 😊 You are amazing!  I got really lots of positive comments on the band´s choice.
So, thank you all for that!”
-Polina Englund, Fiskars Finland Oy Ab

”There could not have been a better band.
Unless perhaps Black Sabbath had showed up in their original line-up...

“I f***ing hate cover bands but you were awesome!”
-Sound engineer in Helsinki

”I was told to book The Slipovers, as they´re the best, but still you surpassed the expectations. It has been a perfect day, but you were the icing on the cake.”

“Thanks for The Slipovers for an energetic set on friday 11th of December in Fontana. You made the reluctant dancers of (company name) turn footloose!"
-Text message on local newspaper "Vaasan Ikkuna"

“The best party band I´ve seen in three years, and I shoot weddings every week.”
-Wedding photographer

“The best wedding band we´ve ever seen”

(some quotes translated from Finnish)

Technical production

The Slipovers also rents out their equipment and organizes events.
Read more here.





Upcoming gigs

  • 20.09.2019 O´Malleys, Vaasa

  • 21.09.2019 Private event, Pori

  • 27.09.2019 Private event, Helsinki

  • 28.09.2019 Private event, Pori

  • 05.10.2019 Private event, Iisalmi

  • 10.10.2019 Private event, Vaasa

  • 12.10.2019 Private event, Vaasa

  • 19.10.2019 Ilona, Joensuu

  • 25.10.2019 Private event, Vaasa

  • 26.10.2019 Private event, Tampere

  • 01.11.2019 Private event, Virrat

  • 02.11.2019 Molpe ungdomsförening

  • 09.11.2019 Ilona, Tampere

  • 13.11.2019 Private event, Porvoo

  • 29.11.2019 Private event, Espoo

  • 30.11.2019 Teatro, Vaasa

  • 13.12.2019 Private event, Helsinki

  • 14.12.2019 Eikan Pub, Järvenpää

  • 28.12.2019 London Pub, Jyväskylä

  • 31.12.2019 Ilona, Kuopio

  • 14.03.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 09.05.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 23.05.2020 Private event, Hyvinkää

  • 06.06.2020 Private event, Siuntio

  • 13.6.2020 Private event, Mikkeli

  • 27.06.2020 Private event, Jämijärvi

  • 04.07.2020 Private event, Nakkila

  • 11.07.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 17.07.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 18.07.2020 Private event, Huittinen

  • 25.07.2020 Private event, Hämeenkyrö

  • 01.08.2020 Private event, Orimattila

  • 07.08.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 08.08.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 15.08.2020 Private event, Nousiainen

  • 22.08.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 29.08.2020 Private event, Helsinki

  • 12.09.2020 Private event, Kärkölä




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